Northeast Wisconsin

Lawrence University
Faculty Position
Mary Blackwell Associate Professor of Chemistry
James S. Evans Professor of Computer Science and Chemistry
Stefan Debbert Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Kimberly Dickson Assistant Professor of Chemistry
David Hall Associate Professor of Chemistry
Jerrold P. Lokensgard Robert McMillen Professor of Chemistry
Juan Navea Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Jay R. Stork Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Ripon College
Faculty Position Research
Colleen M. Byron Professor of Chemistry Research
Iimura, Masanori Assistant Professor of Chemistry Research
Dean A. Katahira Professor of Chemistry Research
Richard G. Scamehorn Professor of Chemistry emeritus Research
Joseph D. Scanlon Assistant Professor of Chemistry Research

Marian University
Faculty Position Research
Abbey Rosen Assistant Professor of Chemistry Research
John Morris Assistant Professor of Chemistry Research
Bruce Prall Professor of Chemistry and Physical Science Research
Thomas Richardson Associate Professor of Chemistry and physical science Research

Silver Lake College
Faculty Position Research
Michelle Lynn Peters Instructor of Chemistry Research

St. Norbert College
Faculty Position Research
Kurstan L.H. Cunningham assistant professor Research
Cynthia Ochsner assistant professor Research
Jonathon Russel assistant professor Research
David Poister assistant professor of chemistry and environmental science Research
Larry Scheich professor of chemistry Research

UW Fond du Lac
Faculty Position Research
Todd Beitz Associate Lecturer Research
Ronald Theys Assistant Professor of Chemistry Research

UW Fox Valley
Faculty Position Research
Martin Ruud Associate Professor Research
Kimberly Schatz Associate Professor Research
Pete Gibson Senior Lecturer Research
Brian Rukamp Senior Lecturer Research
Rose Theisen Senior Lecturer Research
Jodi Paar Senior Lecturer Research

UW Green Bay
Faculty Position Research
Franklin Chen Associate Professor Research
Warren V. Johnson Associate Professor Research
John M. Lyon Associate Professor Research
Debra Pearson Associate Professor Research
Michael Zorn Associate Professor Research
Michael J. McIntire Assistant Professor Research
Julie M. Lukesh Assistant Professor Research
Nydia Villanueva Lecturer Research

UW Manitowoc
Faculty Position Research
Caroline Geary associate professor Research
Amy Kabrhel assistant professor Research
Jim Kabrhel assistant professor Research

UW Marinette
Faculty Position Research
mark klemp assistant professor Research

UW Oshkosh
Faculty Position Research
Kevin Crawford Assistant Professor, Analytical Chemistry Research
Samuel David Assistant Professor, Biochemistry Research
Charles P. Gibson Professor, Inorganic Chemistry Research
Jonathan H. Gutow Associate Professor, Physical Chemistry Research
Arlene Haffa Assistant Professor, Biochemistry Research
Marcy A. Hauer Stockroom Manager
Sharon Hawi Lecturer
Brant Kedrowski Associate Professor, Organic Chemistry Research
Diane Kromm Academic Department Associate Research
Jennifer E. Mihalick Associate Professor, Physical Chemistry thermochemistry of weakly bound complexes
Sandra K. Neuendorf Senior Lecturer Research
George P. Olsen Lecturer
James R. Paulson Professor, Biochemistry Research
William F. Wacholtz Co-Chair of Department and Professor, Inorganic Chemistry Research
Carol J. Willihnganz Faculty Assistant
Linfeng Xie Co-Chair of Department and Professor, Organic Chemistry Research